Specialist Pens including Biofree
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Specialist Pens including Biofree

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In this Specialist Pens catagory you will find products and promotional pens which offer a little extra - Pens with a magnet so they can be stuck to the fridge, Space Pens which write upside down, Flat Pens for posting promotions which fall below the large letter postal rate, Banner Pens which pull out a massive double sided print area for your message and BioFree Pens.
Biofree additive is moulded into all the plastic components of the pen to provide continuous antibacterial and antifungal protection. It continues to clean the pen of microbes and other pathogens as you use it and it doesn't wear away. It is the perfect choice for a wide range of markets, including pharmaceutical, medical, food retail and many more in the healthcare sector, providing a guarantee of continuous, durable and effective protection based on over 50 years of successful pioneering work in this field.

Vogue Biofree Ballpen
Vogue Biofree Ballpen

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